At Reach we believe that every young person should have the support and self-belief they need to fulfil their potential.  Your donation can help us to provide:

  • A young person with the chance to attend a Reach community program ($75)
  • A young person with the opportunity to experience a Reach Weekend Away ($130)
  • A regional secondary school with a Reach 'Finding your Voice' Workshop ($600)

Your support helps young people to believe that, no matter what the circumstances, they can achieve.

On behalf of our young people, thank you.  You are awesome!!!

The Reach Foundation

Being young is not without its struggles. Today's world is pretty complex and young people can experience a bunch of challenges that adults might not be able to relate to. One of the biggest hurdles is just having the confidence and support to be who they want to be.

There are currently over 4 million young people living in Australia, and Reach works with over 40,000 of them a year. We have over 250 of them working with us; designing and delivering workshops in schools and the community. Our workshops are 100% youth-led, from design to delivery, and the community we create out of these workshops is one that allows for deeper connection, a sense of belonging, and the dispelling of judgements. A preventative, instead of having a focus on symptoms in adult life.

Our Vision? Generations of confident, self-aware and passionate young people shaping the world.

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